Real-time sleep disturbance detection and mitigation

     One of our recent projects embodies our commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology. Acting as Chief Medical Technology Officer, our goal was to support the creation of an innovative Prescription Digital Therapeutic designed to intervene in real-time sleep disturbances. Utilizing groundbreaking machine learning algorithms, it offers a proactive approach to enhancing patient health and well-being. Denovo worked with a team of subject matter experts to sculpt algorithms grounded in scientific and medical veracities, leading as the principal inventor in a provisional patent submission.

     The tech-savvy architecture propelling this platform was meticulously crafted and integrated through bespoke backend API solutions. Our expertise facilitated the design and deployment of databases adept at managing data for both transactional and analytic purposes, orchestrating Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes to handle substantial data streams seamlessly.

     Beyond technical innovation, what sets our projects apart is our commitment to strategic collaborations within the healthcare sector. Denovo, deeply ingrained in a professional network of industry leaders, plays a pivotal role in driving these partnerships. These alliances not only bring essential funding and resources but also provide valuable market insights that help in steering the strategic direction of our projects. From scientific research to capital-raising efforts, each facet is meticulously planned to ensure the rapid growth and ultimate success of groundbreaking solutions.