Letter from the CEO

A man sitting in front of two computers.

Dear Visitors,

I’m Gennaro Maida, the passionate mind behind Denovo Innovations Group, and it’s with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to our website. With over 25 years of enriching experience, I’ve been at the intersection of medical, data science, and technological innovation, crafting solutions that are truly novel. My journey has been marked by founding and supporting startups through complex markets, notably growing a business into a multimillion-dollar enterprise within a short span. The accolades I’ve received, including being named one of the top 100 healthcare visionaries and recognition for outstanding leadership by Health 2.0, are testaments to my commitment to confronting and overcoming present-day healthcare challenges.

As the CEO and founder of Denovo, my mission is steadfast - to revolutionize healthcare through innovative data science solutions. We specialize in fostering collaborations with early-stage startups, conceptualizing novel ideas, and steering them towards successful commercialization. My diverse skill set in digital health, machine learning, and biomedical engineering is dedicated to reshaping patient care and creating transformative outcomes in the modern healthcare landscape. Denovo's role involves supporting technical innovation in tandem with scientific and clinical teams, and I’m proud to say that our efforts are shaping innovation.

I’m excited to share that my prior experiences where I leveraged my knowledge to improve patient care through remote Digital Health solutions. My foundational work in medicine, Biomedical Engineering, IoT, and Data Science have been instrumental in my pursuit of building the next generation of Digital Health Solutions. In essence, I am a dedicated med-tech product thought leader, committed to delivering game-changing perspectives and concrete results, with a vision of introducing a new age of medicine.

Warm Regards,

Gennaro Maida

CEO, Denovo Innovations Group