Beyond Device Innovations: Research, Data, and Validation

At Denovo Innovations Group, we are committed to providing the best services in the field of medical, health, and wellness devices. Our expertise extends to medical research, data science, and clinical  validation.  We have built a network of experts to support our endeavors in all critical areas.

Our Services

Medical Devices

We harness our extensive experience and knowledge to develop innovative medical devices that enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

Our products design to be economically feasible but also adaptable, allowing for seamless integration into existing healthcare and other commercial systems.

Health and Wellness Devices

There are many innovations not at a prescription level that are designed to promote health and wellness and assist in the early detection and assessment of disease and health.  Our wellness focus aims  to allow individuals to take charge of their health. We strive to provide devices that are user-friendly and efficient, contributing to your overall well-being.


Our team thrives on challenges. Dedicated to providing solutions that address your specific needs, we make sure that your organization is equipped to deliver exceptional care. We perform deep scientific research prior to designing our solutions. We base all innovations on a solid scientific and clinical foundation.

Medical Research

We consistently push the boundaries of what's possible. Denovo is  committed to problem-solving and investigating new avenues to enhance healthcare delivery. Our solutions are based on peer reviewed research, clinical guidance, and our novel insights. 

Data Science

Our data science services offer comprehensive solutions that drive innovation. We utilize advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to gain insights, optimize health, and detecting changes in trends. We aim to be at the forefront of Digital Health as it moves from a reactive to a proactive and, eventually, to a predictive stance.

Clinical Validation

Our clinical validation network are in place to ensure our devices are safe, effective, and reliable. For clinical products, We rely on rigorous testing and research in conjunction with academic centers to confirm any products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Achieve Key Healthcare Goals

Let us help you achieve your healthcare goals. Meet with our consultants today and explore advanced tech solutions.